Friday, June 29, 2007

Out on a Limb

Did I mention I submitted some of my artwork to a LSS (local stamp store) as part of a call to find new member for their design team? Yup. I did. It's a big thing for me. Really stepping out of my safety zone. I have never submitted anything to anyone (for approval) before. Other than a college professor. It was a big step for me.

Well, the results are in and.... I wasn't picked. It's hard, because my first reaction is "what's wrong with my work? Why not me?" Maybe because I don't scrapbook. Who knows? I submitted a journal I had decorated, several cards using different techniques, and a domino necklace. I admit, I am really bummed about this.

Ah, well. God has a better plan, right? Uh huh.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Things I have Accomplished this week:

  • Did all the little ones laundry
  • Cooked dinner every night so far! (no eating out)
  • Had friends over for lunch (instead of eating lunch out)!
  • Went to sleep BEFORE 11pm each night (a BIG deal for a nightowl like me)
  • Did not kill the cats when they knocked over, and broke, my storage drawers full of paper punches and stamps
  • Spent less than $150 at the grocery store (with five kids in tow).

How 'bout them apples?

Did I mention PRAYED OFTEN? And I read my Bible on Monday... working on making it a daily, morning habit.

What's in a title?

Why do I have to put titles on these? I get tired of trying to be creative.

I have a headache. I have two extra kiddos this week. My friend is out of town and her husband is being a single father while she is gone. He passed on the kids to a different family last week, and this week it's my turn. It's funny... I have no girls, but this week I get to have a girl. She's very quiet and sweet, not loud and shrieky like so many girls I have been around.

Bugman is out with our oldest son, Bubba15 (yes, he's now age 15) looking for a car. Yes, he passed his permit test and is now anxious to drive. I won't let him drive my van (what would I do if it got wrecked??) and he can't drive Bugman's truck (it's a commercial vehicle). So, my anxiety level rises. The whole idea of my AS son driving scares me to death. But it doesn't seem to bother Bugman, so I will leave this job to him. We promised to match whatever money son saved, and so he saved about $1000, so they are looking for a used $2000 car.

Tiny (age 3) just asked if he could eat's 3:55pm! I reminded him he had a bagel for breakfast after our early morning appointment at the MRI place (they did an ultrasound). While Tiny doesn't have to have any more blood drawn for his BWS he does have to have ultrasounds of his liver, kidneys, etc., every three to four months. I have faith that God will protect this child and he will continue to be healthy!

LittleJ6 is learning to swim! Yeay! We are doing swim lessons through the YMCA because it's close to the house. I am determined that he will learn to swim before the summer is over. Tiny is taking lessons also, but I don't expect him to go far this year. He's having difficulty blowing bubbles because of his macroglossia. It's all a challenge.

We're going on a "date" tomorrow night! We're meeting my friend ME and her husband for dinner. What a concept... no one else wanting my food, no one trying to leave the table early, no one crying because they really didn't want the mac and cheese, they wanted the chicken fingers like their brother... or lemonade instead of sprite. Ah, I can't wait!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Daze

This summer has been busy. My second son (Legoboy) is testing for his first degree blackbelt, and like last summer (when my oldest tested) he has to be at martial arts classes six days a week at 5:45 each morning. You know it's bad when you consider getting up at 7:30 on a Sunday before church "sleeping in"! We also have swim lessons for the little guys, plus tons of other things. But most consuming is martial arts.

Most depressing for me, though, is my friend Kathy moving. It seems whenever I make a friend, if we become close, they end up moving away... far away. I could list the names, but it's too sad for me. Kathy and I became friends about 2-1/2 years ago. Now, she and her dh are off in Utah. Fortunately, the Lord seems to be filling my time for now, and I am looking forward to making more friends.

I know Kathy will read this eventually, so to her I say: Girlfriend, I miss you... I love you... please stay in touch!!

Praying for NO RAIN tonight and tomorrow. Got some big jobs to do in the pest control world. Need the $$ to help my newly permitted son get in his driving practice time in a "new" car. Anyone know of a good, cheap car for a 15yo teen to practice in?