Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here I am!

How are you all? We are doing well. Ike was kind to us, although our business has been SLOW. Bugman had to venture into new, not bug territory, but employment territory. Bugman AND Buddyboy have gone to work "for the Man". Bugman is delivering pizza for a major pizza chain, and Buddyboy is going to be answering phones and making pizzas. I thought about a parttime job (hmmm... William-Sonoma would be good... ) but we figured after taxes, and paying for Legoboy to babysit, I would have about a buck left for profit. Not really worth it, huh?

School is going well, but I am getting burned out. Legoboy leaves me weary, and Buddyboy is really working hard in his Biology class, but is struggling to keep up. Luckily his teacher (my favorite doctor!) is so kind-hearted and understanding. She is really trying to help him. I am proud of him.

Shall we mention politics? Uh, no, let's not. It's too depressing for me.

Oh good news (yes, there is some!). God is good! And... for the first time in 15 years, we are getting a "refund". I overpaid when we filed our extension, and we are getting a bunch back and with the "stimulus" check (what a joke) I will have more than enough to pay my school taxes, my county taxes, my homeowner's insurance, my windstorm insurance, and my city taxes. LOL... wait, where did that money go that I got back?????

Other good news! I found a plumber (bless his heart... he was wonderful! Mike's Plumbing here in League City) and he got our gas line run... and my new stove was delivered, and is now hooked up! Waaaahoooo! and I am now "cooking with gas!". I am soooo happy. You can see what I got here.

Okay kids are hungry. guess I should go feed them. They always seem to be hungry... hmmm.