Friday, April 25, 2008

My "Gimmee Five"...

Something quick to post, courtesy of Ginny's Small Studio...

Five Things on my List To-Do Today

1. Last day at co-op
2. Buy and make "hor dourves" for Tom to take to the High School Formal
3. Press Tom's shirt for said formal
4. Call backs to customers who called while I was out (business)
5. Clean Bathroom

Five Things That Make Me Happy Today

1. No co-op for three and a half more months!
2. Quiet children
3. Working in my art studio (last night)
4. Less Stress today than yesterday
5. Going out to dinner tonight (with only my beloved hubby and two kids... the two that are cheaper to feed!)

Five Places I have Lived

1. Houston, TX
2. Conroe, TX
3. Wilmington, Delaware
4. Seabrook, TX
5. League City, TX

Five Favorite Movies

1. You've Got Mail
2. Lord of the Rings (trilogy)
3. When Harry Met Sally
4. Shawshank Redemption
5. Any light and fluffy romantic movies (Return to Me, The Lake House, While You Were Sleeping, etc.)

Five Things on My Desk Today

1. Too much paperwork (business desk)
2. Pile of unmounted rubber stamps to be filed in a notebook (art desk)
3. Pile of "Take and Makes" from the local scrapbook shop hop (to be put away) (art desk)
4. Lots of scraps of paper and piles of ink pads from project completed last night
5. Folders to be replaced in file cabinet (Business desk)

Five Artists I Like

1. Robert Rauschenburg
2. Joseph Cornell
3. Kurt Schwitters
4. Michelle Ward
5. Too Many Others

Pick any one of the above and share your five here or do the whole list on your blog and link to the comments here.