Friday, May 23, 2008

Overheard from a 4-year old...

As Tiny was doing "his business"... and Bugman was waiting for him to finish (so he could help clean him up)... Bugman announces "oh, man,'re going to kill me!" (from the odor).

Tiny responds "You're not killed, Dad! It's not killing me either!"

A Short Rant...

I simply do not understand my in-laws. Someone, if you can, please explain to me the logic in all this...

My husband's parents are retired. Therefore, they do not work any longer. That is fine. My FIL has worked many, many years and deserves his time "off". They have no kids (at home). They live in a large, four bedroom house, all alone. I have no problem with this either. Their home is paid for, and this is good!

However, we found out that the reason they could never make it to our boys baseball games (which were always on Saturday mornings) is because that is their laundry day, and according to my FIL, it is a major undertaking. Now forgive me here, but I just cannot understand this. If you are retired, and have no major obligations during the week... AND there are only two adults in the house... how much laundry CAN YOU HAVE... and how come you can't do it during the week?

See me as cruel, heartless, whatever, but as the mother of four boys ages 16 down to 4, that homeschools AND runs a full-time business... I can certainly make time for laundry during the week (and I guarantee that I have more laundry than them! Even with my oldest two boys doing their own laundry on their own designated laundry days).

I also do not understand how they can have "too much to do" when they KNEW they were leaving on Thursday... didn't they plan for this? I know I have... I started cleaning house on Monday, and packing on Tuesday, so that I could leave on Thursday by noon.

Yes, I must be unreasonable to see this as a problem. Maybe it's all just too funny. My mother was never like this, and neither was my grandmother. My father has an excuse...he's 65 and still working full time at one job and part-time at another.

Just food for thought.

Off on a Trip

We are off on "vacation", off in Anniston, Alabama, to visit my husband's relatives (his Mom's side of the family) and celebrate his parent's 50th wedding anniversary.

Originally, we planned this trip thinking that we would get spend time with all his relatives (his Aunt Doreen lives here, well, in Birmingham... his Aunt Shelby lives in Atlanta, and his Aunt Pansy is coming down from Virginia for the big party... plus all the cousins) however, things have not gone as planned.

Seems most of the relatives won't be here until late Saturday OR won't arrive until Saturday. I guess that's the same, huh? Anyway, Aunt Doreen had to go to Atlanta for some event with her family and won't be back to Alabama until Saturday night. Aunt Pansy won't arrive until sometime Saturday, and the same for Aunt Shelby. We just heard from Bugman's parents and THEY aren't even here yet! They were supposed to leave yesterday but had "too much to do" and so couldn't leave until today. We talked about an hour ago and they were about 8 hours away.

So here we are... the only ones here. Bugman and kids are down at the hotel pool getting wet. I am about to go finish unloading the van (which we just bought... did I mention that? Guess not... more about that later.) Tomorrow we are hoping to go to Talledega Raceway (Nascar!) and the Motorsports Hall of Fame. Maybe some relatives will arrive by then??