Sunday, July 08, 2007

LittleJ's BooBoo

Friday was an exciting afternoon. After an entire day of being inside because of rain (again) my boys were rather rambunctious. While playing around in the living room with Bubba, LittleJ slipped and fell, whacking the back of his head into the endtable, which is made of metal and tile. The result? A call to 9-11, ambulance coming, and the declaration of the need of staples or stitches. They said it wasn't necessary for THEM to transport (thank goodness, as it cost about $500 dollars), but that he did need to go and get the stitches within 6 hours. So Bugman ran him over to the emergency clinic over by our house. A few hours later, here's the result!Can you see the staples? right in the center? He had me take a picture so he could see them himself. My camera is wacking out, so I don't know why it looks so yellow.

I told him I was going to put an armor plate in his head.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July

The rain here in Texas that everyone has seen in the news attempted to cancel all the Independence Day plans, but not for us! Tuesday night, my nephew spent the night, and helped us begin our holiday by getting "sick" and his dad (my brother) having to come get him at 12:30 in the morning. Aren't kids so fun?? And my brother is so cute showing up in his boxers and t-shirt.

We continued our 4th holiday by going to Main Event to celebrate my friend MEM's son's birthday. He turned nine. They had a special of unlimited video games (ARGH!) and Glo-golf (glow-in-the-dark putt putt golf) for $10. A decent deal. My older two sons latched right onto that! We stayed from open (10a.m.) until about 2pm (and my older two until 5). Last night, MEM and her crew, along with my friend KB and her family, came over to enjoy Bugman's legendary brisket (yes, it should be!!). Can you believe we devoured a 15 lb. brisket? I hardly have enough left for a sandwich! Whoo hooo! Means there were fat and happy people here!

Poor KB... went on vacation for two weeks and returned to find her A/C had gone out in her house. Now for some of you up in parts of the country, that's no big deal; you might not even HAVE A/C. But for us down here in balmy, HUMID Texas, it's a crisis. So she was so happy to spend the day at Main Event, then come here.

It's 8:15 and the kids are still sleeping... Tiny was up twice during the night, so while this would normally be unusual for him, I guess not after getting up twice. It's nice and quiet except for kitty cats playing in the clothes basket. Bugman's off killing bugs in Seabrook. He fired Bubba last week from helping him on Thursdays (and doing termite jobs) so today will be the first day he's worked at the apartment complex without assistance in several months. He may hire Legoboy to help him.

What did Bubba do to get fired? Yelled at his boss (Bugman, who also happens to be his Dad) in front of a customer. Besides being embarrassing, it's also wrong. You don't yell at your Dad, and you DON'T yell at your boss. Anyone have a strong, teenage boy wanting occasional dirty work? Pay is decent, and the employer is nice!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

I love Coffee!

I love the smell of it, the taste of it. It gives me comfort. Now, my FIL would say that I don't REALLY like it, because I drink it with sugar and cream. I disagree. Too many Charbucks people would agree, because I think the majority of them drink it with some sort of additive (sugar, sugar substitute, cream, skim milk, hazelnut flavoring... you get the idea). It's real coffee.

What are your favorite kinds? Personally, I have found that a lot of the flavored coffee's give me a headache. So I stick with the plain "non-flavored" kinds. Bugman prefers to drink decaf, as the caffeine makes him jittery (although drinking a cola doesn't). I don't care, although the variety of coffees are greater amongst the caffeinated kinds.

My fave decaf is... Newman's Own Special Blend Decaf. Yes, I know... don't lecture me. I can't help it... it's so smooth and tasty, never bitter. Yummmm! I have never had a bad cup of it!

And since I am trying to stay away from using so much plastic, my new favorite mugs are these:
You can get them from here, but I got mine from a local coffee/tea shop (Nana's Attic) owned by my friends Katie and Marie. Their mom Ginny works there too. They also sell all kinds of lovely coffee and tea and the related accessories.
I have three of these mugs right now ("Coffee Not My Cup of Tea", "If it weren't for Caffeine, I'd have No Personality Whatsoever" and "I'll Rise but I refuse to Shine"). I had one more, but my kitty cats knocked it down and broke it. These mugs are ceramic and microwavable. No I don't profit from selling them, just like 'em a lot!