Sunday, July 08, 2007

LittleJ's BooBoo

Friday was an exciting afternoon. After an entire day of being inside because of rain (again) my boys were rather rambunctious. While playing around in the living room with Bubba, LittleJ slipped and fell, whacking the back of his head into the endtable, which is made of metal and tile. The result? A call to 9-11, ambulance coming, and the declaration of the need of staples or stitches. They said it wasn't necessary for THEM to transport (thank goodness, as it cost about $500 dollars), but that he did need to go and get the stitches within 6 hours. So Bugman ran him over to the emergency clinic over by our house. A few hours later, here's the result!Can you see the staples? right in the center? He had me take a picture so he could see them himself. My camera is wacking out, so I don't know why it looks so yellow.

I told him I was going to put an armor plate in his head.

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De'Etta said...

Ugh - glad he's o.k.