Monday, July 02, 2007

I love Coffee!

I love the smell of it, the taste of it. It gives me comfort. Now, my FIL would say that I don't REALLY like it, because I drink it with sugar and cream. I disagree. Too many Charbucks people would agree, because I think the majority of them drink it with some sort of additive (sugar, sugar substitute, cream, skim milk, hazelnut flavoring... you get the idea). It's real coffee.

What are your favorite kinds? Personally, I have found that a lot of the flavored coffee's give me a headache. So I stick with the plain "non-flavored" kinds. Bugman prefers to drink decaf, as the caffeine makes him jittery (although drinking a cola doesn't). I don't care, although the variety of coffees are greater amongst the caffeinated kinds.

My fave decaf is... Newman's Own Special Blend Decaf. Yes, I know... don't lecture me. I can't help it... it's so smooth and tasty, never bitter. Yummmm! I have never had a bad cup of it!

And since I am trying to stay away from using so much plastic, my new favorite mugs are these:
You can get them from here, but I got mine from a local coffee/tea shop (Nana's Attic) owned by my friends Katie and Marie. Their mom Ginny works there too. They also sell all kinds of lovely coffee and tea and the related accessories.
I have three of these mugs right now ("Coffee Not My Cup of Tea", "If it weren't for Caffeine, I'd have No Personality Whatsoever" and "I'll Rise but I refuse to Shine"). I had one more, but my kitty cats knocked it down and broke it. These mugs are ceramic and microwavable. No I don't profit from selling them, just like 'em a lot!

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MamaSMorgan said...

Me too! I love coffee! I used to be anti-decaf but I think I'm coming around!

Miss you!