Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Here's Your Title!

I am a delinquent blogger. I have been negligent. I apologize. Life sometimes gets away from me.

I was reading a new blog today, of another homeschooling mom who has six kiddos... and one a teenage AS boy! (For those who read this and DON'T know, my oldest son has Asperger's Syndrome). It was refreshing to read that maybe my teenager is not so different from other AS kids. Life can be very trying with a teenager with AS.

One thing she has done in her blog is give each child a nickname, so I think I'll do the same. Here out, my wonderful dear husband will be known as Bugman, as we own a pest control biz and it is befitting him. Bubba14 is my oldest son, as that is the nickname his brothers have already given him. Legoboy11 is my second son. He's the math/science freak and of course, Lego (and Starwars) obsessed child. Third in line is my kindergartner LittleJ6. He's the one that Dobson was observing when he wrote "The Strong-Willed Child". We just started "school" with him (learning to read) and he loves it! Last, but not least of course, is my youngest, who will be 3 tomorrow! "Tiny" (as Bugman calls him) is not so tiny! He has a genetic disorder called Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome. Among other things, he was born with part of his intestines on the outside of his body. Anyway, he is quite a large boy... 3 tomorrow, and wearing a size 12 shoe, and size 5 clothes.

Bubba14 is quite the challenge these days. He is in drama, which is wonderful, except that the dramatic come home with him. Everything is a major event. Yesterday, he took a math test. He got two wrong. Even though he got a 90 on the test (he has a fit until we give him a "grade"), he began the diatribe on how horrible a student he is, and I had to suffer with the whoa-as-me attitude for hours. What is a mom to do? And then there is his play... his drama class is putting on "The Mouse Trap" in about two weeks. The drama teacher asked the kids to ask people to the play and "reserve" tickets. Well, Bubba took that seriously, and he is constantly making lists of who we should invite and we need to make sure that we reserve their tickets. Sigh. One day, I will go crazy with this!!

Time to get the show on the road here. Bugman is playing Uno with the kids before he leaves. I have a brief moment to shower now.

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MamaSMorgan said...

I like the nicknames. Of course, knowing them IRL I still think of them as Harpo, Chico, Zeppo & Gummo with your dh being Groucho.