Sunday, March 04, 2007

WARNING! Gross descriptions ahead....

I feel gross. Downright gross. I didn't know a human could produce so much snot. I think I could single-handedly provide enough mucus for some kind of medical study. Wanted: Forty gallons of mucus. I could answer that ad.

This does not make for a creative person. I did walk in my studio and gaze longingly at the items sitting on my table. I bought some items at the local art supply store (no, not M's or HL). We have this cool store called Texas Art Supply... I love it there. Anyway, they had all markdown/red tag items an additional 50% off. What a deal! I have a whole bag of stuff, a lot of it from Memory Makers (I think...i'm too tired to go look). I got this stamp set called Hollie's Inspiration from Prickley Pear Stamps for $3.00! I got some other doo dads. I love a bargain.

Someone told me that M's carries the Suze Weinberg Melting Pot... something I have wanted. It is regularly $35, so with a 40% off coupon, it would be $21! I will check tomorrow!

I'm off to drug myself... if you get this congested, and have to sleep at night, I cannot recommend enough Zicam Extreme Congestion Relief. It is a life saver!

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