Thursday, June 26, 2008

here's what's happening

Hey y'all out there in blogging land...
We have been quite busy this summer, despite Bubba not testing for his 2nd degree blackbelt. He decided early on that he did not want to be in martial arts any more (after seven years of training). He has become obsessed with golf, a not-so-cheap sport, and tried out for the Junior HGA (Houston Golf Association) team, and made the cut! Amazing! So, when I am not toting him from one golf course to another, he is busy playing in different tournaments around the area.

In addition to all that, Bubba officially turned 16 (yikes), and is now taking driver's education. Bugman was going to do the Parent-taught driver's ed that the state offers (the cheapest route) but if you are not a meticulous record keeper (and Bugman is not) then you will not do well with this course. After hours of trying to remember what was driven when, he gave up and said "Just enroll him in a driving school" and that was that.

Being that he does not test well, Bubba did not do so well on the final written test. He panicked and when he saw the other children turning in their test, thought he had to finish quick. Because of this, he got several wrong. But, God is gracious, and we went back the next day. They allowed him to retest, and he did fine (and he was in a room alone, by himself. That was very helpful). Now, we just have five weeks more of behind-the-wheel testing (two hours a week, once a week). It has really changed since I was a kid. They don't have to go down and do that driving test (with the parallel parking) like we did as kids. They just finish the driving school, then go and hand in the paperwork and get a license.

Legoboy officially turned into a teenager Tuesday. Okay, he did not physically change, and he doesn't look any different, but he is now 13. He is taking it easy this summer, attending the occasional martial arts class, reading tons of books, helping tutor 1st thru 3rd grade readers at the library, and being in love with the new lego store in the mall.

LittleJ and Tiny have been taking swim lessons. LittleJ is progressing nicely, however poor Tiny just doesn't seem to get what is going on and has been stuck in the same class for three sessions. They won't let him move up unless he can do certain movements, so we'll see how he does at the end of next week.

It has been raining almost everyday. Bugman has had a huge termite job scheduled that he just keeps having to postpone and postpone.

We are schooling some through the summer, and are working hard on teaching LittleJ (and Tiny!) to read. I am going to the gym (YMCA) three days a week to work out. I will also be going on a homeschool mom's retreat in July, and Bugman and I will be going to the big homeschool conference in August held in the Woodlands (THSC). We will go this year without kiddos, and enjoy a nice two night stay in the Marriott!

I'll post some swimming pics and lego store pic later!

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