Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm on Facebook!

Hey y'all! I'm on facebook now! How cool is that? If you are out there, and are on it too, feel free to look me up.

What else is new... Buddyboy is off this week in Austin. Bugman's parents came and took him to visit Keith's Uncle Terry. Terry played on the PGA (you can read about him here, if you are into knowing that sort of thing). Buddy has been wanting to go and visit and get some pointers from Terry for awhile. Well, it finally happened! What a first day they had yesterday... golf lessons in the afternoon, and Terry gave Buddy TWO pairs of Footjoy golf shoes (and he needed new ones). He also got some new golf gloves, some balls, and he gets to "borrow" Terry's Odyssey putter! He has to bring it when he comes back to Austin (is that an invite, Uncle Terry?). Today, they were going to play nine holes at the country club, lunch, more lessons, and dinner at Terry's house. Then they'll play some more tomorrow and some more lessons before heading home. I know how exciting it is for Buddyboy!

I am hoping to have a little extra time tomorrow to make a card for an upcoming birthday (hehehe). I also am hoping to sign up for a class with Janet Hopkins at By Design next weekend. I was thinking I would miss the class but they added an extra on Friday night! Whooo hooo! I am so excited. I hope Bugman doesn't mind.

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