Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Grouchy Day

Today was hard at church. Last week was our first week to sing without Renee. But we had a special service devoted to her, and the importance of friends, and we had a lovely table with roses placed between Michael and Me, where Renee would have stood. Today, it was not there. It just felt wrong to be standing next to Michael when I sang. It's funny because even though Renee and I were not friends, I miss her.

I went to bed late, got up early, and have just been overall grouchy today. I need to work on the boys lessons for the week, and I'm hoping they can get something done tomorrow, even though Grandpa will be underfoot. He goes home tomorrow. I'll take him to the airport around 3:30pm, unless this supposed wintry mix storm comes blasting through and ice's us in. Right now, it's a lovely 73 degrees...NOT. It is 73, but it's muggy, humid and just YUCK. Not helping with my crabby mood. I like cold weather. I would love to live up near Seattle, even with the rain. It gets cold, but not much snow (I DON'T like snow).

I just realized that they WON'T turn my phone number back on's a "holiday" for the federal gov't, so I suppose the phone company is off also. However, my beloved dh IS working, praise God.

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MamaSMorgan said...

Hey, I'm sorry you had a rotten day yesterday! I kept thinking about calling you. It looks pretty bleck outside and not likely to be pretty (well, pretty cold) at all. Once you get DOD off, you'll feel like yourself again.