Monday, May 14, 2007

Feeling sorry for myself...

I guess I shouldn't, huh? I have a wonderful husband, four healthy children, a nice home... God has blessed me tremendously. It's just that some days I feel overwhelmed. Homeschooling, cleaning, laundry, cooking, running our business... hardly ever any free time. Yes, I know, when my kiddos are gone I'll finally have the time for "me", and then I'll lament how I wish they were back.

My oldest son will be 15 on Friday. Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of my Mother's death. She was 51 years old. My husband is almost 45. Not so far apart. Mama was a wonderful, loving person. Everyone who met her loved her. She literally was here today, gone tomorrow. Never take those you love for granted. People will tell you that you could step off the curb and get hit by a bus tomorrow. We laugh, but it's true. My mom was fine on Friday night... my last words were "Talk to you tomorrow! Love you!". The next day, she went to the hospital for tests. No big deal, right? She coded in the elevator. They revived her. Two hours later, she coded again. That was it. Gone. I miss her dreadfully. I often think that if she was still here, not only would my boys have their "Memaw" but maybe my sister and I would still be friends. Only God knows for sure.

Good news... my brother and his boys came over again to visit. What a treat. My son commented today that he had a blast Saturday night.. it was my four boys, my brother's three boys, and our friend's two children (one boy one girl). We had a great time. I love having family over. Our friend's have been friends for over 19 years. My kids call them Aunt and Uncle. I tell everyone that since my relatives are either dead or abandoned me, I just went out and adopted new ones!!

My best friend is moving. It has become a trend. I'm not sure whether to take it personally! I make a friend, we become close, and then they move away. It can be depressing to think about. I know I'll probably never be the one to move away.

Off to do laundry. *sigh* I'll post some ATC's I am working on later.


MamaSMorgan said...

*sniff sniff* Come with us, I'm sure there are pests in Utah.

Cynthia said...

I tend to get overwhelmed sometimes as well.. especially this time of the year when I'm trying to finish up our school work and our busy work season has started. Do you still have your own business? That adds a lot of stress as well.

Kids growing older doesn't help! Our oldest will turn 18 in June.. where did the time go?

Cynthia from SHS

De'Etta said...

It's amazing how those kids grow up!!!

I have the same phobia about friends moving.....been praying for you and Kathy.