Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Return was inevitable

Yes, I am blogging again (HI KATHY!)... she is always happy when I blog something.

My life has been crazy lately. However, I keep repeating that HE is in control. He works everything out, for the best, in HIS timing.

So, I hope to get back to blogging again.

Some of what has gone on I won't get into (not interesting) but some I will...
My wonderful iMac crashed over thanksgiving. Hard drive bit the dust. So, Apple replaced it (free, of course, since we had Apple Care). We also learned the hard way about backing up. I had not backed up my harddrive in about three months. Actually, I had only backed up my Quickbooks, and nothing else. So I lost it all... photos, everything. I am quite bummed about that.

We purchased Leopard (waaahooo! For those who are NOT Mac savvy, Leopard is the new operating system...kind of like Windows is for PC). Love it, love it! One of the lovely new features is Time Machine. Time Machine will back up your ENTIRE hard drive to another source... in our case, that would be an external hard drive. It will do it every hour, if you want. I do it whenever I do something major... download pictures, input invoices, create important documents, etc. I just hook up the external hard drive, and turn on Time Machine.

Well, come January, I noticed I was having problems with several items. So I took it back in to have it looked at. Turns out the new hard drive was biting the dust, so they offered me a brand new laptop. Not "new" but same as my old one, BRAND new... with all the new stuff. Too kewl. I love it! Bad news... most of my back ups on my external hard drive were corrupted due to the bad hard drive. Yikes. They salvaged some, but not much. However, so far this time so good. Yes, I guess I had the "one bad Apple". (yes, bad joke)

I will say, I have had the best (BEST) service ever from Apple. I love being able to go in and talk to a HUMAN being and getting immediate attention. Not spending ages on a phone, pressing 1, then pressing 2, then waiting on hold for the next available person that doesn't speak English as their primary language (no offense, but I would rather deal with someone on my own continent that understands me and I understand them). Groan! I log on to the Apple website, make an appointment to see the local Apple "genius" at the local store, and then go in at my appointed time. You just gotta love it!

Bugman also went on a binge and purchased a 50" Plasma TV! Wow!! Yes, Paula Deen looks different in High Def! To go with this lovely (ah hem) item, we made a trip to Ikea (love that place, but you need a day and a half to shop the store... no wonder they have a restaurant!) and I was able to find a modular "entertainment" unit (glorified bookcases) that I liked (you can see it here). I was able to put together what I liked and as long as Tiny doesn't use the drawers as a staircase, we'll be in good shape.

Here is a picture from our Thanksgiving in Roanoke (Texas!) with our friend, Pat. Look who came to eat with us (LOL!) Pictured are (from left to right): Me, Little Joe, Legoboy, GWB, Bubba, Tiny, and Pat. Bugman took the picture. I have one with him in it, but I hardly ever show myself, so I decided to use this one instead. We were missing Kate, Pat's daughter (she's like Bugman's sister, LOL). Pat is Bugman's Thai Mom (Bugman lived in Thailand for awhile before we were married). Kate was off in sunny CA, while we were freezing and having SNOW!!

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