Friday, March 07, 2008

Homeschooling Illegal in CA

I knew it was bound to happen, it was just a matter of where... and it doesn't surprise me that it's California that is where it is starting.

A state, where children are taught same-sex tolerance and education, and other controversial things in their public schools was bound to decide that those families who are teaching their children at home (many in an effort to avoid these teachings) are wrong and that the state needs to control the education of these future voters.

First, go take this poll, and tell whether you think that the STATE or PARENTS ought to control a child's education.

You can read the LA Times article about this here.

HSLDA is preparing to file some sort of response to this ruling. You can read their reaction here.

(side note... why would you homeschool in a state where the law is not clearly stated without joining some sort of support organization that would aid you in case something like this happened?)

From much of what I have read, this family was being taken to court not because of homeschooling, but because of possible child abuse. This is not the family that we, as homeschoolers, would liked to have "used" as a test case in the courts. They are not a typical homeschooling family.

I love homeschooling in Texas. If this happened here, you cannot imagine the backlash that would happen. Egads!

It does make me wonder if this judge is appointed, or elected? If he's elected, he's not thinking about the possible future of his job.

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