Thursday, March 06, 2008

Politics as Usual

My husband and I went and voted bright and early on Tuesday. It was not that crowded at 7:30 a.m. at our precinct. We were back there just before the polls closed, so that we could attend our precinct convention (we voted Republican, in case you couldn't guess that).

We pulled up and could not find a parking place. It was PACKED! Bugman dropped me off, and and ran in to see how long the line was (this would determine how long before the precinct convention would be able to start). Just about everyone there was there to vote in the Democrat primary. AND... several people that were there told me that they were Republican, but were voting (either for Barack or for Hillary) to keep the other from getting the nomination (it's all silly to me).

Surprise surprise to them, after the polls closed, some then tried to attend the precinct convention... on the Republican side. Uh, NO. The didn't get it. But, I'm a Republican, they protested!! Yes, we replied, but you voted DEMOCRAT... so you have to attend their CAUCUS... They didn't realize how crossing the road to vote would affect them later. Now, these people cannot participate in the process (precinct, senatorial/county, and state conventions).

Because we were first to arrive, and because of our "experience" in politics, Bugman was made "Chairman" of the convention, and I was secretary. We ended up with 13 people from our precinct in attendance. We all will now be delegates to the senatorial/county convention.

I think this whole mess with the dems is a hoot. As for John McCain, well, he's not my choice, but I will live with it. I personally don't see a whole lot of difference between him and many of the democrats, except he's pro-life.

Did any of you all vote Tuesday? Did you participate in the convention/caucus process? How was that for you?

Also, I find it a telling sign that my children, especially Tiny (4) and Joe (7) know who ALL the players are (Obama, McCain, Hillary, Bill, etc.).

And, did I mention that many are hounding Bugman to run for Mayor AGAIN? I said, fine, they can pay the fee, put you on the ballot, and we'll see what happens. But so far, he's not doing it. I won't put out a dime for it this time.

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