Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just another day

The past few days have been insane around here, as you can imagine with four boys. My third son is the challenge. He is very strong-willed, and wants everything his way. Lately, I've been battling him for first time obedience. That may seem a bit much, but I believe children should comply when asked to do something, the first time asked. My third son is six, and old enough to understand this. But if it doesn't suit his wants or needs, then he rebels, screaming and whining at the top of his lungs. Discipline of any kind just escalates the matter. Consequential discipline often impacts the whole family (such as him not going somewhere because he misbehaved. Often, it would end up in none of the family going if we did that).

Well, after much advice, we are trying something new, and so far, so good. I am doing everything not to yell. Yes, I am a yeller. We are also trying to phrase things in the positive. Instead of "Get out of here!" we say "Please go in the living room" (thus, instead of telling him what we don't want, telling him what we want). So far, not a fit has been thrown today, and no screaming or whining. We also praise the good behavior enthusiastically!

Off to play around with my blog some more.

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