Monday, December 04, 2006

busy days

this past few days have been busy. first we had the holidays, and spent a lovely dinner on turkey day with my friend and her husband and daughter. she cooked a yummy turkey and we had all my favorite fixin's. Then, on Friday, we went to Elm Mott, TX to attend the Homestead Heritage Craft and Children's Fair ( What a fun time we had. So much to do... check out the website.

Sunday, we drove down to Belton to visit our friends Toby and Missy and attend church with them. Toby is the preacher at the Belton church of Christ up there. We had a great time visiting with them and their children. We love just sitting around with friends, visiting. That in itself is a vacation!!

Then it was back home to get back to school before the onslaught of the Christmas holidays.

We did put up lights this year... the first time in a long time. Since Mom's death, Christmas has not been the happiest time for me. I know that's selfish. I should be focusing on our savior and his birth, and what all he has done for us. But that is so hard when I remember all the wonderful things we did with my Mom. It doesn't help that I never see my brother, who lives right here, or my sister, who doesn't talk to me at all. The boys are doing work, but having a hard time concentrating. And we have sooooo many activities, from homeschool parties, to lunches, to extra Martial arts stuff.

I have to go fix lunch now.

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