Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'm a sucker!

for sales on art supplies, that is!! LOL!! I'm probably a sucker for other things, too, but we won't go there, will we, KATHY!!

Okay, so yesterday I headed out to hit the Target after Christmas sales... picked up a ton of gift bags to use next year, and a cute classic Pooh light-up Christmas tree. I get one new decoration each year after Christmas. I wanted another snow globe (seem to be collecting Christmas snow globes somehow) but didn't think any were cute.

Afterward, headed over to the Scrapbook Junkie (yes, it's really named that!) and of course, picked up some stuff. Love all that stuff by 7gypsies. Tons of stuff on sale, but I was pressed for time, so just got a few things. Can't wait to finish my financial stuff I'm working on (gee, might get my taxes done BEFORE April 15 this coming year!), so I can create more stuff!!

Also want to head over to Hobby Lobby this week, as well as Michaels. I don't usually like M's, but they did mention a few good things in their ad this week. Overall, it's too messy and disorganized (and crowded with stuff, not people) for my taste, as well as having employees that are CLUELESS!

I also need to check out my other fave store, Novel Approach, as I have a $10 off coupon to spend...hehehe!

For those who care, or don't know, I have been doing rubber stamp art since 1989. As a college graduation gift, my friend Susan gave me some stamps, a couple of pads, and some glitter glue as a gift. Then I went to my first DOTS party, then a Stampin' Up party...then discovered this lovely place in Rice Village (in Houston) called "Iconography" that sold stamps... tons and tons of stamps! What a dream it was. I met some other local stampers online in 1995... which led to the formation of a stamping group, which met once a month for a "mom's night out" type meeting to do craft stuff. We even traveled to the Dallas area for stamp conventions once a year. That fell apart in about 1999 when several members moved away. I really miss those days.

When I create more, I'll post here!

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MamaSMorgan said...

hmmmm... don't know what you mean. WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME? I have never been to Scrapbook Junkie, how long has it been there? Well, I will have to come see all your new stuff soon.