Monday, December 25, 2006

Random Chatter

I was surfing around this evening, after all the bustle has finally died down. Our youngest would NOT take a nap...too much excitement going on, with Grandma and Grandpa here, and too many fun things to see. We finally got him and his brother down, my second son is playing a game on the computer, and my oldest and husband are watching football. So here I am, surfing around. I found this cool website "The Urban Homemaker". I found it so interesting. We have been working for many years to eliminate all artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, additives, etc. from our diet. We have a large food budget.. partially because of our four boys (read: BIG EATERS) but also because we eat so many organic/whole foods. It would be much cheaper to eat Kraft Mac and Cheese (less than $1.00 a box) instead of Annie's Mac and Cheese ($2.50 a box) but one is fake cheese and artificial color, the other is real cheese and organic pasta. Even better, I make mac and cheese homemade (I use Paula Deen's Recipe... check it out here. Yummo!! (as Rachael Ray would say!!).


De'Etta said...

I surfed the Urban Homemaker this past week too. They have some great tips and products. I've supplied their Christmas this month by replacing exploding appliances. ::snort::

I'm currently trying to find a mac/cheese recipe that will taste like the Annies....for my younger 3. LOL

MamaSMorgan said...

I see that you figured out the linking thingy. You'll have to show me (like when you show me how to set up dd's IPod). I have been getting the Urban Homemaker's newsletter for almost a year, I assumed you knew about her.