Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Fear Not

I have four boys, the oldest two who are in Martial Arts. My oldest achieved 1st Degree Black Belt status this past August after 5-1/2 years of training. My second son will test this coming July for his 1st Degree Black Belt. After all he's been through, my oldest has suddenly decided that he's afraid to teach. He's afraid that he'll get something wrong. Why? He's excellent at what he does... God gives us all talents, and this is one area where my son is definitely talented. The preciseness, the intensity. It's incredible to me. Why the sudden fear? God tells us in his word that fear of Him is important... those that fear the Lord are blessed. We are to Fear the Lord our God. But fear of other things... there is a correlation between fear and trust. If we trust in God, then we should not fear other things. God will protect us. We are having a hard time convincing our son of this. His duty today is to study his scriptures and find some understanding. He must trust God, trust us as his parents, and trust his teachers (Master Garza and Master Falco) to lead him in the right direction. Ah, just my ponderings for the day.

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