Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Kitty!

What a busy Christmas day. Not a lot of sleep last night, and now just tons of fun with four kids!! My #2 son already broke the antenna off his new radio (very frustrating), so am hoping we can get that fixed. He got a cat as his "big" gift... named him Shadow. Shadow is a lovely grey kitten we got from a friend. Number one son got a golf bag and driver for his gift along with gloves, balls, tees, and tons of practice whiffle balls. Number three got a "flying turtle" as well as a new tool box with lots of tools to help build his new "work shed" (clubhouse or fort). He and Dad will spend the next two days building that in the backyard. Our littlest guy got a Radio Flyer Little Red Scooter, and a Thomas the Train. I got a new coffee mug, and a huge box of stamp/art stuff from "Fran the Frantic Stamper"!! Whooohooo!! Gotta run and get kiddos ready for bed.

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